Top Places to Visit in Panama

Panama is an incredible travel destination that you should visit as a must. The small country is home to different exotic islands, unique culture, and long coastlines. The exotic beauty and friendliness of people in Panama make this place rank among the best sites that you should visit for sure.

The country owns its tropical signatures, exotic islands, stunning beaches, and different water parks too. 

If you are planning to visit this fantastic place, then this article is going to be very helpful for you. In this travel guide, I have shortlisted the top spots of Panama where you can enjoy your vacations on the go.

Isla Iguana

This island is located at a short distance from the coast of the Azuero Peninsula in Southern Panama. This island is also considered to be the part of Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge.

The exotic place is a perfect travel destination to go for a boat ride or a day trip. This wildlife refuge is teeming with exotic plants and animals. But since it is a declared protected area, you are only allowed to see and appreciate these natural wonders. Capturing endemic animals or cutting down trees like what the guys at Rob’s Tree Removal do, are strictly prohibited.

Here you can experience a lot more fun activities and thrilling adventures.

You can go for snorkelling in the large coral reef, or you can do scuba diving in order to see the 200 species of aquatic animals found in the sea such as humpback whales, moray eels, and surprisingly an octopus as well.

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is known as the world’s most significant accomplishment of engineering. As a visitor, you can take part in the partial or complete crossing of the Panama Canal.

To finish the complete crossing of the Panama Canal, it almost takes six to eight hours.

The visitors are allowed to explore the surroundings of the Panama Canal as well. The travellers can also visit the Miraflores Locks Museum. 

A restaurant is also located on the top floor of this museum so that the visitors can also experience the nourishing taste of Cuisines in Panama.

Bocas Town

Bocas Town is another picturesque travel destination in Panama. This place is the capital for the province Bocas del Toro. The Bocas del Toro is a popular place that is well-known for scuba diving as the dives are shallow and highly recommended for beginners.

The extensive coral reef here showcases the colour variations in the species of tropical fish.

Cristopher Columbus discovered this place in 1502, and until now, this area still serves as a popular tourist attraction located in Panama.

The travellers can also perform fun activities such as hiking in the lush green rainforests of Panama so that they can enjoy the empty stretches of beautiful shorelines.

San Blas Islands

San Blas is another picture-perfect island located in Panama. It is situated in the east of Panama Canal and the north of Isthmus of Panama.

300 out of 50 groups of islands are inhabited here that makes these places quite secluded, the problematic part of the Panama islands is the vacation map.

The locals here are friendly and welcoming, and you can meet the primary residents here as well.

If you are planning to visit Panama, then don’t forget to include this fantastic place on your travel list.

Sinai – The Church of Marie Osmond

Ancient site, where there are monuments that stand on the ruins of structures that are older than the Pharaohs. These are not places where you want to walk; they are places where you want to sprint. These places are designed for speed.

There are places in Cairo that are definitely worth checking out, but there are just as many that are, shall we say, less than ideal. In fact, in some cases, these are places that you want to avoid completely. But don’t worry, the next article will help you avoid these places so you can check them out when you are ready.

But in the meantime, for now, I can tell you that the Sphinx is one of the less than ideal places to visit. This is because it is not only large, but it is also very confusing. The Sphinx is a complex that takes up quite a bit of real estate, and it was constructed in early 14th century BC. If you want to know what the Sphinx looks like, there are plenty of other options that you can choose from.

Another less than ideal place to visit is the El Hawariwi Museum. This museum is located in the middle of downtown Cairo. This museum features exhibits that are from the ancient times of ancient Egypt. The museum is, in essence, a look back into the history of Egypt.

Another less than ideal place to visit is a palace called the Pyramids. This palace was built by the King Farouk in 1920s. The Pyramids were the domain of the Pharaohs who owned this place. Today, the Pyramids are a tourist attraction, but they were the pride of the kingdom who resided there. Today, the Pyramids are less than ideal, and they are less than ideal as far as attractions go. They are less than ideal because you have to pay a fee to go there.

But in most cases, these less than ideal places can be avoided. But it can be avoided, but it can be really hard. It can be really hard, but it can be done. There are lots of things you can do, besides the usual tourist places, that you can visit the following places:

* Parks – to enjoy the view

* Bat mink breeding areas

* Zoo – to see wildlife

Egypt is an Islamic nation. Many people want to avoid Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism. People are divided into two groups, Coptic Christians and Egyptians. Coptic Christians have only one faith, that is Christian. The Coptic Christians are Egyptian. Coptic Christians live primarily in Cairo and In Extraterrestrial part of Egypt. Some Coptic Christians live in other Islamic nations like Sinai and Gaza Strip.

Coptic Christians are suffering from persecution all over the world. Coptic Christians are not allowed to be able to build churches. Coptic Christians have more rights than other Christians because they are Arabic and belong to Egypt. They are considered the smallest religious community in the world.

There are millions of Coptic Christians around the world. They have their own church, cathedral and monasteries. These Coptic Christian places are built in honor of the Saint Coptic Coptic. The Coptic church does not allow to build churches in Egypt. Coptic Coptic community is thriving from the worldwide recognition they get. They are always in need of donations.

Coptic Coptic cathedral not only serves the Coptic Christian community but has a special church to serve the visitors of Coptic Christian community. These church are built in accordance with the guidelines made by a Coptic architect.

This church also holds a cultural school where Coptic Christian arts and crafts are taught. All the parts of the church are made in the local Egyptian black stone. Coptic Christian community is very proud of its heritage.



























































Mengerical Domes of Marienborg Church Dome of Truth

I would suggest you to do a little research on the history of Dome of Truth. You can also take a tour from the museum in the area. A lot of people believe that the name of the place was derived from the name of the lady who built the church which is of course Marie Osmond.

There is a museum in the town of Sinai that will help you learn more about the history of Marie Osmond. You will also find interesting facts about the church. If you’re interested you can also pay a visit to the church later.

Megnic (The) Dome
This tower has been located on the western part of the Dome of the Rock Mosque. It is known that it was used during the construction of the church. It is even believed to be the tower that the angel hung from in order to direct the construction workers.

The museum has been located at the Dome of the Rock mosque. This museum is a must see for all visitors. You will be able to find interesting facts about the tower. Also you will be able to find out about Marie Osmond.…

How to Get Cheap Flights on the Internet

In my recent blog post “The Magic of Traveling”, I mentioned how we often forget to take a break when we travel. We all have our own idea of a great vacation, and we feel a sense of guilt for not traveling in a way that will meet these ideas.

In reality, a vacation does not have to be at full capacity. The idea of a vacation does not necessarily have to include staying in a four star hotel or resort for weeks on end. Taking a break from a business trip, or a family vacation, or even a honeymoon can give you a way to re-charge your batteries. A break can be a long road trip, or a weekend in the mountains, or even a day at a local amusement park. You don’t have to go to Hawaii to get a vacation, as long as you take some time to see the sites available close by, you can still get a vacation.

We often think of a vacation in the US or Europe. This is a fantastic idea, as the highest peak in Western Europe is 14,000 ft, and the highest peak in Alaska is 16,000 ft. However, if you wanted to go to the Caribbean, you could easily find a flight to an island for $100 round trip. If you wanted to go to Puerto Rico, you could easily buy tickets for around $50 round trip.

With our current economic situation, where can a person go to get a cheap flight? The free travel days are starting to disappear, and this will cause the price of flights to rise. You can get a ticket for a round trip flight between two locations close to you for around $50. If you need to travel between two specific locations, then you are going to have to pay more. This means if you have a family of four, you are going to be able to go to one of the destinations that costs less than $100 round trip. This means you can go on vacation and still have money for food, or new gadgets, or maybe even a movie. You could go to Australia and have a vacation where you are not limited by your budget.

There are two ways to go about finding cheap flights. One is to do your homework on websites, airlines, and airlines that offer cheap flights. The second way is to take advantage of sites that offer travel vouchers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but they are the best two ways that you can get cheap flights for your family.

Take advantage of websites that offer travel vouchers

Vouchers are sites that offer travel vouchers that are for whatever your destination of choice is. If you are going to one of the popular cities that you want to visit, you can browse through and find cheap flights. However, if you are planning on traveling overseas, you are going to need to choose a country or region. In this case, you will need to do homework on the websites that are offering vouchers.

1. You can try going to several websites and looking for vouchers for that city. You can also do this by going to the airline website and checking if there are any vouchers for that city. You are also going to want to do a research on the airlines websites, as they might have more deals for flights. 2. You can try calling the airline that you want to fly on and ask them if they have any vouchers for that city. If they have any for that city, then you can choose the one that you want. 3. You can sign up for emails that are offered by the airline company. This will save you time as you do not have to do your homework on the websites. There are many websites out there that offer travel vouchers. This type of voucher is one that can help you save money on flights and hotels. For instance, if you want to go to one of the popular cities that you want to visit, you can browse through and find cheap flights. However, if you are going to other countries or regions, you will need to do your homework on the websites that offer vouchers.

There are many ways to find cheap flights. Just remember the tips that I gave you and you will save money on your travels.…

eiffel tower

Exciting Things To Do in Paris

It’s no news that Paris is a very popular location for romantic getaways. However, it can be your ideal place for solo travel. If you really want to enjoy your trip to this magnificent city, you’ll have to know some things. We’re right here to give you all the information you need in order to have a memorable adventure. The tips below should help.

Exciting Things to Do in Paris

If you’re visiting the City of Light (La Ville Lumiѐre), then you should know the best things to do in order to make your stay worthwhile. There are numerous special places to visit. Of course, the first one on your list (if you’re not avoiding being cliché) would be the Eiffel Tower.

Thankfully, the Eiffel Tower isn’t only restricted to lovers trying to have a romantic moment. You can also feel on top of the world while sightseeing from a high level. There is a great view of the city to feast your eyes on. This is just one of the reasons why the structure is a popular tourist attraction.

You can also go to Montmartre, a great spot to visit, especially at night. Just like the Eiffel Tower, the view is something to look forward to. Montmartre is a large hill that has a height of 430ft. You’ll find a nightclub district in the area, the Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur on the summit, and so on. Enough talk about views. Ok, maybe about viewing stuff within a building…

How about you try walking into a museum while in Paris? The Louvre and Musѐe d’Orsay are good destinations to try, especially the former. The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum with a rich history. You wouldn’t mind taking a long satisfying look at the Mona Lisa, right?

You know, rather than stand and look at stuff, you could just walk. Walking tours are a great idea in the city because of its aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Paris has amazing buildings and scenery. You can never get tired of just walking around. Wouldn’t you like to get “lost” in the city’s glory?

Other Important Things to Note about the City

You can make your trip to the city as affordable as you can. Do your research on transport fares in Paris (e.g. bus, train, and taxi rides). Learn about shortcuts and cheaper ways to move around. The best way to do so is through public transport. Get a Paris transport travel card or the Paris Passlib’ for better and affordable movement.

Food in Paris can be cheap or expensive depending on what and where you’re eating. You can decide to go to the grocery store, and then cook a meal to save money. For affordable street food options, see the following:

  • Croissants
  • Baguettes
  • Sandwiches
  • Coffees

St. Christopher’s Inn is a good place for lodging. They have two branches in the city—Canal St. Martin and Gare du Nord. The first one is a better choice because the area is a calmer. The inns have private rooms and dorms. Take your time to know the best place to lodge in order not to let this aspect spoil your trip.…


How to See Dubai on a Budget

Is that possible to see this vast, international Middle Eastern city recognized for its five-star restaurants and luxury hotels within your budget? The unexpected answer is YES; you can Dubai on a small budget, especially after reading the listed easy tips in this article. The city is filled with beautiful surprises and definitely worth a visit.

This exciting city’s glamorous location and indeed prides itself as a place full of variation, endless shopping, and dynamic nightlife. So, without waiting anymore, check out our collection of 6 useful tips to see Dubai on a budget.


While in Dubai, try to stay near a metro station. Staying there will allow you to save a significant amount of your budget, as they provide a cheaper alternative to taking taxis, especially for lengthier journeys through other parts of town. Dubai has the cheapest Metro tickets across the world. Other public transport options include water taxis, trams, and buses.

Dubai recently launched the innovative rental bike scheme to rent for 15 dirhams for 30 minutes. You can enjoy the city’s best scenes on a bicycle – but wear sunscreen!


Since Dubai is a city full of ex-pats worldwide, it is not difficult to find gourmet-worthy international dishes nearby. If you are searching for spicy Indian flavors, then the iconic Ravi Restaurant in Al Satwa is the place for you. The resturtant serves low-priced mutton chicken curry, Peshwari dish, dahl fry, and a range of specially made naans, being chewy and soft in the center with crisp on outside. It is a simple place, but the food is outstanding. The restaurant also serves a wide choice of Lebanese, Chinese food, and Middle Eastern nearby town with various tasty and inexpensive dishes to choose from. 


You might not know that there are periodical artistic and cultural events in Dubai created by junior artists who desire to show their talents. Archive Dubai is a library and community center with free spaces for arts and culture. It usually hosts free open-air performances and exhibits. Every year in March, Sikka Dubai is carried all around Dubai, with free concerts and dance performances.


This Middle Eastern city is known for its luxury hotels; however, there are many low-cost accommodation choices in Dubai. Although the city has some of the most expensive and glamorous hotels globally, you can have relatively affordable hotel apartments in the city’s older parts.


The city has 40 kilometers of beaches. You can enjoy a sunny day at Jumeirah Beach Park for only for 5 dirhams per person. The family-friendly park has sun loungers, shady areas, and a fast-food café.


The museum is definitely not free; however, it is very affordable. An adult can enjoy a visit to the museum for 3 dirhams and children at 1 dirham only. The museum’s surprising thing is that the guided tours are absolutely free here, and you can get detailed history lessons of the city without paying extra. 

So you can surely visit and enjoy Dubai without messing up your budget. Despite its reputation as a glamorous and expensive city, the city has a lot to offer budget travelers as well.…

train travel

7 of the Best Train Trips in Canada

Depending on your mode of transportation, you may not get to see many places during a trip. For instance, you can only enjoy far (wide) views of locations during flights. This is not the same for rail transportation. Train trips provide closer views of structures and scenery. In this guide, you will learn about 7 of the most amazing rail trips to experience in Canada.

The Rocky Mountaineer through the Canadian Rockies

The journey takes 2 days, and it only progresses during daylight hours for your sightseeing pleasure. You will enjoy the moving scenery as the train makes its way through cloudy mountains. Get to see some of the highest peaks that the Canadian Rockies has to offer, as well as the remote vistas in the western side of the country. You will be enjoying all these while relaxing in your glass-domed coach. Nice, right?

The Amtrack Cascades through Vancouver, BC, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Salem, and Eugene

Just as the title implies, the Amtrack Cascades line offers rail services two times daily between Eugene, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. The train will pass through many smaller towns during the journey. As you relax and enjoy the view, look out for the vistas of Mount St. Helens and the Columbia River Gorge.

The Canadian through Toronto and Vancouver

The rail-line links Vancouver with Toronto. Trains make stops at Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Jasper. Passengers will be taken through the calm prairie fields, rough lake country, and many towns. The pleasure of the view will continue as the train reaches the snow-capped mountain peaks of the magnificent Rockies. Brace yourself for 4 nights and 3 days of sightseeing!

White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad through Skagway (Alaska) and Whitehore (Yukon)

This journey will take you through splendid natural attractions including gorges, mountains, and glaciers. Also known as “The Scenic Railway of the World”, these rail-lines were built in the late 19th century at the time of the Klondike Gold Rush. Passengers will definitely be getting a taste of rich Canadian history. Expect to enjoy the feel of travelling in vintage train cars.

The Ocean through Montreal, Moncton, and Halifax

The trip may have some entertaining events lined up for the passengers like musical performances, wine tastings, Maritime history classes, and so on. You can lounge, or just take delight in being in the Park car’s picturesque dome.

The Polar Bear Express through Cochrane and Moosonee

As the name implies, the trip gives the opportunity to see the Monsonee polar bears. Other delights include the views of northern Canada, the shores of James Bay in sub-Arctic Canada, etc.

Kettle Valley Steam Railway

This is one of the shortest trips you will find. It takes about 90 minutes to complete. You will be seeing historic landmarks such as the Prairie Valley, Trout Creek Bridge, Okanagan Lake, etc. Passengers can listen to historical commentary and music as they relax through the journey.

It will be a good idea to use your GPS app while on these trips. This will keep you anticipating the next tourist attraction. You shouldn’t miss a thing if you want to get value for your money.…

makeup essentials

Beauty Must-Haves for Travelling


As you plan to travel, there are essential beauty products that you must pack to keep you feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and looking good. The following are the handy beauty must-haves that you can fill in your travel bag;

Makeup Must-Haves

  • Lip balm. The constantly changing weather conditions in various travel destinations can affect your lips’ appearance, causing them to feel dry or crack. The moisturizing lip balm will help keep your lips moist and protect them from cracking or drying up because of weather condition changes.

Stay away from lip balms that contain alcohol, as these will make your lips drier and sometimes prompt you to apply more of it because the previous layer has dried quickly. Continuous lip balm application will cause you to spend more money buying more of this type of makeup.

  • Makeup remover wipes. A quick way to clean off all your makeup dirt after a long trip is to use makeup remover wipes. Gently wipe off the makeup from your face before you go to sleep. Never skip makeup removal if you don’t want to wake up to acne, grimy skin, and red eyes. If you plan to use makeup as you travel, you need to pack makeup remover wipes.
  • Blush or bronzer. As you pack a blush to use during travel, make sure that its colour matches your natural skin colour. Utilizing a blush colour that is a mismatch to your skin colour makes your facial skin look garish and unnatural. If you want to have a pop of colour to your skin that will make you look younger, healthier, and great in photos, pack and use the right blush on your trip.

Skincare Must-Haves

  • Sunscreen. Some travel destinations experience hot temperatures while you visit them. Protect your skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays with at least SPF 30 sunscreen. Sunscreen protects your skin from deadly skin cancer. You need to apply it on your skin 30 minutes before moving out and reapply it every after two hours. Avoid using expired sunscreens as these could lead to ruin your skin. 

Feel free to wear sunscreen every day as you travel even though the sun isn’t shining.

  • Hydrating face mask. Do you want to wake up with a glowing face ready for your next day of adventure? If your answer is yes, ensure that you pack a hydrating face mask in your travel luggage and save your skin.
  • Sleeping mist. This product can help soothe you and help you get some peaceful sleep, especially if you find trouble shutting your eyes when sleeping in unfamiliar places like hotels and tents.
  • Eye cream. Eliminate dark circles and eyebags around your eyes by using eye cream. Packing this lightweight product for your holiday travel will save your pictures from looking unpleasant.
  • Face oil. Don’t forget to pack a high-quality face oil as you travel as this will help keep your skin from drying out when you are on a train, plane, or at your travel destination. 


The above beauty must-haves for travel will help you have a wonderful experience if you use them correctly.…

bridge in nepal

Pokhara, Nepal Travel Guide

Pokhara checks all the appropriate boxes, with adventure activities, spectacular scenery, as well as food and accommodation choices galore. Whether you have endured a hellish bus trip or returned from a 3-week trek, Lakeside Pokhara is the ideal place to energize your batteries. Here are the top must-see attractions in Pokhara, Nepal. 

Old Pokhara

For a glance at what this city was before the tourist restaurants, chaos, and traffic besieged the one-time village, visit the old town. The best way to peruse this area is on foot. From the Nepal Telecom edifice at Mahendra Pul, go northwest across Tersapati, passing several religious shops selling Buddhist and Hindu paraphernalia. At the Nala Mukh intersection, look out for the Newari houses with ornately carved windows and decorative brickwork. 

Phewa Tal

Phewa Tal is a favorite among many travelers to Pokhara and is Nepal’s second-largest lake. Compared to the tacky tourist development of the Lakeside, the southwestern shore is alive with birdlife and it is densely forested. The lush Queen’s Forest or Rani Ban confers an emerald shade to the lake, and the Annapurna Mountains are on a clear day perfectly reflected on its surface.  

Devi’s Falls

The Devi’s Falls is also known as Patale Chhango; it marks the spot where the Pardi Khola river disappears underground. After monsoon rains when the river is at full bore, the water plunging sound over the waterfalls is deafening. The waterfalls are just 2 kilometers southwest of the airport.

International Mountain Museum

This vast museum is dedicated to Nepal Mountains, those who call the mountains home and the mountaineers climbing them. Inside, there is an original gear from the first Himalayan ascents and displays on the geology, culture, history as well as the fauna and flora of the Himalaya. Once the climbers of the past have inspired you, head out to where there is a 21-meter climbing wall and a 9.5 meters model of Mount Manaslu.

Varahi Mandir

The most well-known Hindu temple in Pokhara, the 2-tiered pagoda-style temple sits on a small island in Phewa Tal, close to the erstwhile Royal Palace (Ratna Mandir). Founded in the eighteenth-century, this temple is devoted to the boar incarnation of boar. Over the years, it has been renovated extensively and is now home to a lot of cooing pigeons. Boats to the temple depart from Varahi Ghat in the Lakeside. 

Gurkha Museum

Located north of Mahendra Pul, close to the KI Singh Bridge, this museum celebrates the famous Gurkha regiments achievements. It covers the history of Gurkha from the nineteenth-century Indian Uprising, through 2 World Wars to present-day peace-keeping and disputes missions.…

How to Pack With Just a Carry On Suitcase

Statistics show that 1 in 50 passengers arrive without their checked baggage. There is no worse feeling than waiting at the baggage claim only to realize that your luggage is missing. Traveling with just a carry-on suitcase means never having to go through that agony. The other advantages are:

You Carry Only Essential Baggage

Sometimes the knowledge that you do not have to drag heavy luggage with you around the airport terminal may inspire you to pack unnecessary items that you do not need. Most airlines now impose charges on check-in luggage, therefore this may cost you in terms of the additional number of pieces you have to pay for.

You Do Not Have to Worry about Delayed Baggage

On occasion, due to circumstances beyond their control, airlines depart without loading baggage. Sometimes it is due to malfunctioning systems, and this can cause considerable delay at the arrival airport. A passenger with just a carry-on suitcase does not have any concerns, however.

Now that you have opted to travel with just a carry-on suitcase:

Check with the Airline in Advance Regarding their Baggage Policy

This is crucial because if you show up with an oversized, overweight bag, it may have to be checked in. Alternatively, you may be asked to remove some items from the bag. Airlines have different requirements about the weight and size of luggage that can be taken on board. 

After considering your options, you may opt to travel with a carrier that has more favorable baggage allowances. You can also enquire about the airline’s policy on the carriage of a second personal item such as a handbag or laptop briefcase.

Purchase Your Cabin Bag Wisely

Choose a light-weight bag as this will be easy to travel with. A light-weight bag means that you will maximize your baggage allowance. The baggage should be sturdy, and it should have a good lock. If you roll your clothes instead of folding them, you will find that you will be able to fit a good number of pieces inside the cabin bag.

When Packing, Observe Regulations on the Carriage of Liquids

It is a good idea to monitor over a period of time the products you use regularly so that you can narrow down the list of toiletries to pack. For security reasons, the amount of liquids you can pack is limited to 3.4-ounce bottles. A good option is to purchase sample size toiletries for travel.

Pack Only a Weeks’ Worth of Clothing

This applies even when you are traveling for a longer period. To lighten your load, it is easier to arrange for laundry at your destination. Select clothing that is easy to wash, and that can air-dry rapidly. Layers will work well, in addition to which they will give you a variety of outfit options.

Choose Your Footwear Wisely

Try to avoid carrying along with bulky footwear. The focus should be on versatility and comfort. Hence, two pairs of shoes will work well; a walking or hiking pair and one that is dressier. For beach destinations, you can also include a pair of flip-flops.It is best to wear the bulky pair when you travel to save on baggage allowance.

Traveling with just a carry-on is by far the best way to go. You can get off the plane and head out of the terminal building without standing around a conveyor belt waiting for baggage. Best of all, you avoid the rush and start your travels ahead of the pack!…

man checking phone on a plane


Thinking ahead and choosing a good seat is one of the most essential long haul flight tips. Check out these listed rules to know which seat is perfect for you:

  • If you require more legroom, opt for door rows
  • If you get annoyed by crying children, don’t go to the front of the plane.
  • If you love to move off the plane (or have immediate passage to the loos), get an aisle seat.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Just think of sitting on a plane wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, That sounds comfortable, isn’t it! You can just simply grab some loose laters to adjust your temperature as you fly because sitting and being blasted by a strong aircon system can get cold. Save those fancy dresses and jewelry for the hold. In the case of footwear, you can opt for closed toes shoes instead of flip flops or any footwear that too snug, it can swell your feet at high altitudes. And if you want to preserve space in luggage by wearing the biggest boots, you can simply take them off and put on a couple of slipper socks alternatively.

Carry Your Personal Snacks

You will get served some food on a long haul flight but you are not sure if it’s a breakfast or dinner – traveling through time zones can make you eat breakfast at dinner time and noodles first thing in the morning. To fight with the hunger killing you from inside while waiting for the food trolley, carry some nuts, dried fruits, and slow-energy release snacks like cereal bars in your luggage.

Prepare for some sleep

You will be on the plane for multiple hours, so it’s important to bring some long haul flight essentials. A lightweight blanket and a good travel pillow are the primary things you must be looking for. Forget about the other 349 passengers, even if they are with a good sleeping mask and a pair of earplugs. Just get your self some good sleep and you will feel more relaxed when you land at your final destination.

Stay Hydrated

Aircraft cabins are usually dry places and increase the chances of you getting dehydrated. Try to drink water as much as you can and avoid extra cups of tea, coffee and alcohol. Bring a water bottle to the place if you can. Even an empty disposable bottle in your luggage can help you store any water the cabin crew is carrying. You may also suffer from skin affection – carry a moisturizer and take few eye drops if you are prone to dry eyes.


What better time is there to desert your considerations and simply do nothing than a flight? No cell phone inclusion, a team looking out for all your requirements, another person is in the driver’s seat… Use an opportunity to make up for lost time with that book you haven’t got the opportunity to stall out into, watch a couple of romantic comedies or get amped up for your objective by leafing through the manual. See those eight/ten/twelve hours as reward time, and your long flight will promptly turn into a positive thing as opposed to dragging.…

Top 5 Best Beaches in the World

A large body of water

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What makes a beach special? This depends largely on personal preferences. Some seek a good selection of food and entertainment when they head to the beach. Others want to get away from the crowds and read a book. The quality of sand, and scenery is important for some.

However, in addition to sand and surf, certain beaches have unique attributes that make them stand out as special. Following is a list of the top 5 best beaches in the world.

Railay Beach, Thailand

Consisting of 4 beaches located on a peninsular, this extraordinarily beautiful beach is accessible only by boat. It has all the attributes of an exclusive getaway, with sandy beaches, lagoons, and caves, and most important, it is free of roads as there are no vehicles here. However, the distances are short, therefore you can easily walk from one beach to another. Railay beach has been described as a tranquil tropical paradise.

Meeru Island, North Atoll, Maldives

Accessible by speedboat from the international airport in Male, this spectacular island has aqua blue waters and soft white sandy beaches. It is a romantic getaway, ideal for destination weddings and honeymoons. The beaches are surrounded by abundant vegetation, largely untouched, offering a perfect vacation in natural surroundings.

Anse Source D’Argent, La Digue Island Seychelles

The islands of Seychelles are renowned for their tropical beauty and warm sea waters.  Anse Source D’Argent, located in the south-west of La Digue island, is a jewel in the crown. One of the most famous beaches in the world, its striking scenery composed of unusual rock formations and a reef that is perfect for snorkeling renders this an ideal beach destination.

Tulum, Mexico

A unique collection of beaches that boasts an archeological site in the vicinity, Tulum’s white sandy beaches have something to offer everyone, whatever your preferences may be. For those seeking solitude, the long stretches of beach bordering amazingly blue water are perfect for walks. Playa Paraiso (Paradise Beach) boasts rugged cliffs and tall palm trees providing the perfect backdrop for holiday photos.

Ruby Beach, Washington

Located in the US state of Washington, this wildly beautiful beach is situated within the Olympic National Park and is home to a variety of wildlife. It is famous for its picturesque driftwood strewn views, and hikes are also possible on the beach when the tide is out.

We all have certain expectations when we head to the beach. Although the above beaches are outstandingly beautiful, it is possible that you too have identified your unique piece of paradise that is waiting to be discovered.…