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Thinking ahead and choosing a good seat is one of the most essential long haul flight tips. Check out these listed rules to know which seat is perfect for you:

  • If you require more legroom, opt for door rows
  • If you get annoyed by crying children, don’t go to the front of the plane.
  • If you love to move off the plane (or have immediate passage to the loos), get an aisle seat.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Just think of sitting on a plane wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, That sounds comfortable, isn’t it! You can just simply grab some loose laters to adjust your temperature as you fly because sitting and being blasted by a strong aircon system can get cold. Save those fancy dresses and jewelry for the hold. In the case of footwear, you can opt for closed toes shoes instead of flip flops or any footwear that too snug, it can swell your feet at high altitudes. And if you want to preserve space in luggage by wearing the biggest boots, you can simply take them off and put on a couple of slipper socks alternatively.

Carry Your Personal Snacks

You will get served some food on a long haul flight but you are not sure if it’s a breakfast or dinner – traveling through time zones can make you eat breakfast at dinner time and noodles first thing in the morning. To fight with the hunger killing you from inside while waiting for the food trolley, carry some nuts, dried fruits, and slow-energy release snacks like cereal bars in your luggage.

Prepare for some sleep

You will be on the plane for multiple hours, so it’s important to bring some long haul flight essentials. A lightweight blanket and a good travel pillow are the primary things you must be looking for. Forget about the other 349 passengers, even if they are with a good sleeping mask and a pair of earplugs. Just get your self some good sleep and you will feel more relaxed when you land at your final destination.

Stay Hydrated

Aircraft cabins are usually dry places and increase the chances of you getting dehydrated. Try to drink water as much as you can and avoid extra cups of tea, coffee and alcohol. Bring a water bottle to the place if you can. Even an empty disposable bottle in your luggage can help you store any water the cabin crew is carrying. You may also suffer from skin affection – carry a moisturizer and take few eye drops if you are prone to dry eyes.


What better time is there to desert your considerations and simply do nothing than a flight? No cell phone inclusion, a team looking out for all your requirements, another person is in the driver’s seat… Use an opportunity to make up for lost time with that book you haven’t got the opportunity to stall out into, watch a couple of romantic comedies or get amped up for your objective by leafing through the manual. See those eight/ten/twelve hours as reward time, and your long flight will promptly turn into a positive thing as opposed to dragging.

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