How to Pack With Just a Carry On Suitcase

Statistics show that 1 in 50 passengers arrive without their checked baggage. There is no worse feeling than waiting at the baggage claim only to realize that your luggage is missing. Traveling with just a carry-on suitcase means never having to go through that agony. The other advantages are:

You Carry Only Essential Baggage

Sometimes the knowledge that you do not have to drag heavy luggage with you around the airport terminal may inspire you to pack unnecessary items that you do not need. Most airlines now impose charges on check-in luggage, therefore this may cost you in terms of the additional number of pieces you have to pay for.

You Do Not Have to Worry about Delayed Baggage

On occasion, due to circumstances beyond their control, airlines depart without loading baggage. Sometimes it is due to malfunctioning systems, and this can cause considerable delay at the arrival airport. A passenger with just a carry-on suitcase does not have any concerns, however.

Now that you have opted to travel with just a carry-on suitcase:

Check with the Airline in Advance Regarding their Baggage Policy

This is crucial because if you show up with an oversized, overweight bag, it may have to be checked in. Alternatively, you may be asked to remove some items from the bag. Airlines have different requirements about the weight and size of luggage that can be taken on board. 

After considering your options, you may opt to travel with a carrier that has more favorable baggage allowances. You can also enquire about the airline’s policy on the carriage of a second personal item such as a handbag or laptop briefcase.

Purchase Your Cabin Bag Wisely

Choose a light-weight bag as this will be easy to travel with. A light-weight bag means that you will maximize your baggage allowance. The baggage should be sturdy, and it should have a good lock. If you roll your clothes instead of folding them, you will find that you will be able to fit a good number of pieces inside the cabin bag.

When Packing, Observe Regulations on the Carriage of Liquids

It is a good idea to monitor over a period of time the products you use regularly so that you can narrow down the list of toiletries to pack. For security reasons, the amount of liquids you can pack is limited to 3.4-ounce bottles. A good option is to purchase sample size toiletries for travel.

Pack Only a Weeks’ Worth of Clothing

This applies even when you are traveling for a longer period. To lighten your load, it is easier to arrange for laundry at your destination. Select clothing that is easy to wash, and that can air-dry rapidly. Layers will work well, in addition to which they will give you a variety of outfit options.

Choose Your Footwear Wisely

Try to avoid carrying along with bulky footwear. The focus should be on versatility and comfort. Hence, two pairs of shoes will work well; a walking or hiking pair and one that is dressier. For beach destinations, you can also include a pair of flip-flops.It is best to wear the bulky pair when you travel to save on baggage allowance.

Traveling with just a carry-on is by far the best way to go. You can get off the plane and head out of the terminal building without standing around a conveyor belt waiting for baggage. Best of all, you avoid the rush and start your travels ahead of the pack!

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