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7 of the Best Train Trips in Canada

Depending on your mode of transportation, you may not get to see many places during a trip. For instance, you can only enjoy far (wide) views of locations during flights. This is not the same for rail transportation. Train trips provide closer views of structures and scenery. In this guide, you will learn about 7 of the most amazing rail trips to experience in Canada.

The Rocky Mountaineer through the Canadian Rockies

The journey takes 2 days, and it only progresses during daylight hours for your sightseeing pleasure. You will enjoy the moving scenery as the train makes its way through cloudy mountains. Get to see some of the highest peaks that the Canadian Rockies has to offer, as well as the remote vistas in the western side of the country. You will be enjoying all these while relaxing in your glass-domed coach. Nice, right?

The Amtrack Cascades through Vancouver, BC, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Salem, and Eugene

Just as the title implies, the Amtrack Cascades line offers rail services two times daily between Eugene, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. The train will pass through many smaller towns during the journey. As you relax and enjoy the view, look out for the vistas of Mount St. Helens and the Columbia River Gorge.

The Canadian through Toronto and Vancouver

The rail-line links Vancouver with Toronto. Trains make stops at Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Jasper. Passengers will be taken through the calm prairie fields, rough lake country, and many towns. The pleasure of the view will continue as the train reaches the snow-capped mountain peaks of the magnificent Rockies. Brace yourself for 4 nights and 3 days of sightseeing!

White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad through Skagway (Alaska) and Whitehore (Yukon)

This journey will take you through splendid natural attractions including gorges, mountains, and glaciers. Also known as “The Scenic Railway of the World”, these rail-lines were built in the late 19th century at the time of the Klondike Gold Rush. Passengers will definitely be getting a taste of rich Canadian history. Expect to enjoy the feel of travelling in vintage train cars.

The Ocean through Montreal, Moncton, and Halifax

The trip may have some entertaining events lined up for the passengers like musical performances, wine tastings, Maritime history classes, and so on. You can lounge, or just take delight in being in the Park car’s picturesque dome.

The Polar Bear Express through Cochrane and Moosonee

As the name implies, the trip gives the opportunity to see the Monsonee polar bears. Other delights include the views of northern Canada, the shores of James Bay in sub-Arctic Canada, etc.

Kettle Valley Steam Railway

This is one of the shortest trips you will find. It takes about 90 minutes to complete. You will be seeing historic landmarks such as the Prairie Valley, Trout Creek Bridge, Okanagan Lake, etc. Passengers can listen to historical commentary and music as they relax through the journey.

It will be a good idea to use your GPS app while on these trips. This will keep you anticipating the next tourist attraction. You shouldn’t miss a thing if you want to get value for your money.…